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This journal was created years ago to be an open journal about my multiplicity, abandoned (forgotten about), and is now (July 2017) being revisited. I've put all previous posts on private and am essentially starting over.

System Facts:

* Be default, system members use "I" even when referring to "we", and tend to hide behind Cory as a mask. "Cory" might be Cory when you are talking to her, or it might actually be another system member. It is okay to ask, and it is even okay to ask to speak specifically to someone.
* Journey largely chose our nicknames for this journal.

Members in order of "Most Likely to Encounter":

Role: Host and pretty much in control of outer life.
Pertinent/Interesting Facts:Facts about her are facts about what's happening out-world. In her 30s, ESL teacher, tends to think in 3 different languages (this undoubtedly comes about by living in a non-English speaking country), and a bit of a babbler.
Interests: Journey: apparently she doesn't have any because she kept "forgetting" about this and then refused to answer. Ah, the "sometimes too stoic" bit of me, you get her on a subject you like, and you'll know she likes it)

Pertinent / Interesting Facts:Most likely to get "caught" as not being Cory, and to announce himself. When up front, typically is teenager-young adult. He can be younger in his world. Is almost always human up front, but presents as the concept of "movement," specifically forms of transportation, quite often in his inner world. He also knows snatches of lots of languages, loves to make comments on things he sees, and can be a bit of a prankster.
Interests:Photography, Exercise, Exploration, and "Living Life to It's Fullest", Making people laugh, irritating my closest friends... on and on... I'll try anything.

Pertinent/Interesting Facts: Seems to slide between teenager to mid-30s, usually on the younger end. Other than Cory, is the only one to think to see himself as fully human. Loves a good argument, trying to herd people, and good company. He's the most easily "called" to the front, which irritates him.
Interests: Helping others (but is very 'tough love' in nature), 'thinking' games, psychology and philosophy, interesting facts about anything, and figuring out the social ins and outs of life. Anything that's got a goal and a puzzle.

Pertinent/Interesting Facts: Is the only member that doesn't seem to have a childhood, or at least has been an adult so long that his youth and young adulthood is irrelevant. Looks to be middle aged, claims to be much older. Is able to "break off" from himself, possibly either has a sub-system or is a median system himself? Very, very, very closed about himself. It's better to stay on his good side.
Interests: Music, writing, creative endeavors, and being complimented.

Pertinent/Interesting Facts: A little who has been taking more interest in trying to interact out-world. She's probably usually 7ish, maybe in the range of 7-12. And she might actually be more than one person and just works collectively under the name Enya. Our littles are largely quite clouded. But a young girl has consistently over the years shown herself more than the others, and she's been louder recently.
Interests: Everything cute and pretty to look at, apparently yogurt and granola, and loads of other things interest her. Again, kind of cloudy on what Enya specifically likes and what might be other little girls.

Pertinent/Interesting Facts: Eliza can be called directly to the front when she's needed/wanted, and while she's not one to immediately answer, she will definitely get back to anything addressed to her. Eliza is our mother figure, almost always presenting herself in her middle ages. She's soft-spoken and self-conscious, but will do anything for "her children," as she calls most of us. She's often surprises with information that we didn't know we had. She's Guide's wife and Sonata's mother. She's insistent that she's Cory's legal mother, though she is definitely not a factive.
Interests: Care-taking, helping, clothing (sewing), education, and cooking. She loves the piano and gentle singing, and she loves oil paintings.

Pertinent/Interesting Facts: Guide's daughter, almost always presented as a teenager when out, but has an older inner life. She is not much of an adventurer, but has the same "take life to the fullest" attitude as Jeremy, only hers is in throwing herself into what she has in front of her. Very devoted, very focused, very friendly, and very happy.
Interests: Her father's daughter. She loves people and music. Also Ireland, teddy bears, the color green, and fairy tale creatures.

Pertinent/Interesting Facts: Usually middle-aged. He's the father-figure of the system, very well-beloved. Wise, patient, energetic, and mischievous. He was our everything when we were teenagers. Situations have made him difficult to reach, but he comes about when he's needed. Has a very notable accent.
Interests: People. Music, musical instruments. But people is his life.

Nabee (or Anbee):
Pertinent/Interesting Facts: We have her listed as a little, she typically presents herself as a little, but she has always claimed to be much older than all of us. Even Eon doesn't argue that. We all respect her and look up to her as our first system mate, and she seems to have a lot of in-world power. Anbee typically projects herself as being very, very childish and "crazy" (her title for herself for a decade or so was "The Crazy One"), but she is clearly very wise and not at all ignorant of, naive about, or innocent to the things going around her. The only one of us who won't jump to Anbee if she gets serious is Cory, but Anbee very, very, very rarely does more than watch. That became so true that we questioned whether or not she even still existed for awhile, but she seems to be present and observing more these days. We think it has something to do with Enya being more active and Cory being safer for all of us.
Interests: What doesn't interest Anbee? She'll delve into anything. Anbee's interest is people, and so she'll latch onto and do anything at all with the people around her. But, you know, don't expect her to do so in more than a little kid's fashion. She doesn't get serious until all else has failed. And the rest of our jobs are more or less to prevent things from getting that serious.
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